The Hashbrowner
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Turn your favorite potato into great-tasting hashbrowns in less than 10 minutes
for about 10 cents per serving with our big-holed stainless steel grater.

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$15.00 per Hashbrowner.
Include $4.00 shipping & handling for the first grater and $1.00 for each additional grater.

Add $1.21 cents per grater for tax. (Oregon & Alaska residents tax exempt).

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Greg in the Skagit River Journal

Greg Platt and his ingenious Hashbrowner
By Noel V. Bourasaw, editor

Sedro-Woolley was once known for the patented inventions of Skagit Steel & Iron Works, where Sid McIntyre took a Fordson tractor and used it in ways Henry Ford never dreamed of to yank trees out of forests and stumps out of the ground.

Eight decades later the town is now becoming known for another ingenious gadget man, but this one makes your tummy feel good and full for 35 cents and the equipment is small and takes 20 seconds to wash. You'll find this man in the oldest clothing store in town, Oliver Hammer Clothes Shop. He may be helping you pick out your suspenders. Greg Platt is our Walter Mitty who has broken free from daydreaming into regional fame...

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